Friday, 7 February 2014

Study Hesi Reviews and plan strategy for Hesi exam

People have different dreams, different passions and different career objectives in their life. Some of them want to enter in the business profession, some want to opt for teaching as a career and some want to make foray in the health sector. If you even looking to make a career as a nurse then you have to clear the HESI test which as per the HESI reviews is a tough nut to crack.   Schools of nursing use scores of computerized exams developed by Health Education Systems, Inc (HESI test) to evaluate student.  It is a computerized form of exam and also assess nursing students at various stages of their academic curriculum.

HESI is popularly known as the nationwide standardized test designed and developed by Health Education Systems Inc. And therefore it is abbreviated as HESI.  HESI is also software based testing company catering its services to nursing schools and hospitals.

HESI is a specialized form of entrance exam which opens the gateway to the nursing career. There are many aspects that are checked in the HESI test. Obviously the one aspect that is checks the person on is the specific clinical content. It is a part not the entire base on which the candidate’s ability is evaluated. As per the Hesi reviews the more problem comes in the other pasts which mainly focuses on the critical thinking of the candidates.  A candidate should possess conceptual skills to pass the exams.

Whatever kind of exams is it is never easy and convenient for the students to go and clear it. They have to face the severe competition and require dealing with their internal pressure and nervousness of facing an exam. Hesi review tells that the exam questions are based on different concepts and really needs a disciplined approach to clear the exam. A well planned strategy is required to clear the exam in the given time. IT is only possible when the candidate has done a solid preparation and has taken the practice tests which make them aware of the format of exam. To clear exam it is wise to use the practice tests, flash cards and hesi exam study guide.
If you are also nervous about the Hesi exam then take help of Hesi exam study guide. Don’t take the preparation lightly as in the current scenario more and more hospitals have been asking potential nurses for their HESI exam scores.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Passing your HESI Exit Exam Successfully

People strive to achieve their aim in life. Some do it easy and some find it difficult to achieve their ultimate goal. You can tell from the expression on the face of an achiever how badly he or she wanted to achieve it and how hard they tried for it. People who look forward to see themselves in the nursing profession have to complete their nursing course and take on the all-important HESI exam. Their aim to take nursing as their profession depends entirely on this exam. It brightens their chances of taking the NCLEX exam and graduating as a professional nurse.
However, during the nursing course you should start preparing for the HESI test. The more time you give to your preparations, the more chances you would have of successfully clearing the test. After you have cleared the HESI practice test, it is time for you to prepare for the real exam. A nursing aspirant would know the importance of clearing the HESI exam to qualify for graduation and taking the NCLEX exam. Your nerves must be on your edge. You must be having sleepless nights with your notes flying all over the room. You should relax, as with so much anxiety, you may not be able to perform to the best of your capabilities. Do not pressurize yourself in any manner. There is a foolproof way to pass the HESI exit exam. The HESI exit exam can be intimidating. Before you know it, you are sitting in front of a computer with all sorts of questions on the screen. The clock is ticking away and when you are done, you get the result after five days. All this time, your heart is pounding fast and anxiety takes you in. Your result may mention pass, fail, or no marks. However, you have to achieve the first option and score more than 900 to remain in the safety net.
You should create test situations for yourself and lay emphasis on practice and practice alone. The more time you give into practicing HESI practice tests, the higher chances you have to clear the exam. You should prepare as much as you can for the HESI exit exam. Focus on topics that are your lacuna. You should not leave any stone unturned when preparing for the HESI exit exam. With such practice, you should not only go through questions alone but also try to find the underlying principle behind the answers as feedback. This would give you a proper understanding of the topic as well as broaden your perspective on the questions that you answered correctly. Try preparing for the exam in a group of friends. The HESI exit exam encompasses questions based on logic. You have to challenge yourself constantly to score high in the exam. By looking through another person’s ideas and perspective, your idea of looking at a thing would change. This would help you in providing proper reasoning to the questions in the HESI exit exam. Apart from studying hard for the exam, you should have proper sleep and diet as well. You do not want to fall sick on the exam day.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Try and Try Again: Nursing Through the Ages

The medical world is in the news quite a bit these days, in part because of the tremendous shortage of medical professionals in the United States. At this very moment, more students are entering medical school, but not enough to fill our ever-increasing need for medical professionals. This doesn’t just include doctors, but nurses as well.

In fact, nurses are increasingly the most important providers of medical services in our hospitals. They are the front lines of medical care, seeing to immediate medical needs and administering the medication and care that doctors recommend based on their diagnosis. Without nurses, what few doctors we have would be stretched far too thin to be effective. Given how important nurses and nursing has become, it is important for us to understand how we got here, if we are to understand how nursing will continue to change and become an even greater part of our lives.
The Role of Nursing in the Military

Nursing and Hospitals in the Ancient World

The acceptance of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire led to an expansion of care for the empire’s citizenry. Hospitals were built in every cathedral, with well-maintained libraries and training programs, and doctors compiling and sharing their medical and pharmacological manuscripts. These Christian Byzantine hospitals included a staff of a Chief Physician, professional nurses, and orderlies.

During this time, Saint Fabiola is remarkable for her role as the creator and patron of a Roman hospital, where she tended patients herself. In fact, her lifelong devotion to caring for the underserved influenced generations of sister nuns to come.

Later, hospitals in medieval Europe were similar to the hospitals in the Roman, and later Byzantine, Empire. They were essentially religious communities, where monks and nuns tended to patients.

The Lord Giveth

Protestant reformers largely shut down monasteries and convents, which essentially put an end to the hospitals that were connected to those religious communities and operated by their residents. Those nuns who had been serving as nurses were given pensions, and forced either to become married or to remain homebound. Until 1800, Protestant Europe had few if any hospitals, and no system of nursing. Female practitioners were limited to caring for neighbors and family in an unpaid and unrecognized manner.

In Catholic areas of Europe, nuns continued the tradition of nursing. The Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, founded in 1633, took an especially active role in nursing. Other, new orders of nuns took on a number of activities, ranging from providing care for the sick poor to serving as physicians, surgeons, and apothecaries (pharmacists, in today’s vernacular). Unfortunately, the French Revolution saw many of these organizations shut down. However, public demand for the nursing services these orders provided saw them restored after 1800.

15 People Who Had the Biggest Impact on Nursing

Nursing Yesterday

Modern nursing is characterized in Europe by the presence of diaconates. Theodor Fliedner and his wife Friederike Munster opened their first deaconate motherhouse in Kaiserwerth in Germany in 1836. The hospital was called a deaconate after the first nurse to be mentioned in the New Testament, Phoebe. Women who worked in the diaconate model performed 5 years of service in return for room, board, uniforms, pocket money, and lifelong care. Some deaconates emphasized preparing women for marriage, childcare, social work, and housework through their nursing training.

In France, the government worked to secularize public institutions and reduce the role the Catholic Church played in public life. Lay staff was enlarged, but lay nurses came from peasant or working class backgrounds, and were poorly trained when compared to the experienced Catholic nuns. During World War II, many women went to work in hospitals temporarily, but left when the war ended.

During this time, the nursing service that Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole provided during the Crimean War – the preamble to many of the major wars of the 19th century – went on to inspire women across Europe and North America to enter into nursing.

The Stars and Stripes

Dorothea Dix is noted for fighting for a woman’s right to work in a military hospital during the Civil War, leading to women’s’ increased visibility as nurses. She went on to establish the first mental health system in the U.S. – a system that would go on to serve battle-scarred war veterans to this day.

Nursing became a “profession” in the late 19th and early 20th century that was especially attractive to ambitious women from a variety of economic backgrounds. Over time, those nursing schools that had been inspired by Florence Nightingale came under the control of hospitals, which favored clinical experience over academic study. Over time, women came to prefer graduate nursing programs and social work programs to nursing schools.

A Legacy Lives On

Nursing has seen a number of changes over the years, but it is notable how the profession has largely sprung from religious communities and the call of war. Without the nuns and other intrepid nurses who saw caring for the sick and injured as their civil, moral, and/or religious calling, nursing might not have survived the resistance it faced again and again down through the centuries. The human impulse to learn, to care, and to heal could not be suppressed, however, and our lives are the richer for that.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Master the Online Teaching Tools to Improve Your Test Performance

If you’re a student, then you are being bombarded with exams, and you only have more to come. Finding the time to study is hard enough, but knowing what to study can be even more difficult. Exams, the truly important exams, cover a wide variety of topics. How are you to know what to study in the limited time available to you, and beyond that, how are you to study effectively? Fortunately, there is a resource online that is easy to access and easy to use, one which has been proven to increase examination scores: online study guides.

Online study guides create a focus for studying. Online study tools allow you to identify your strengths on a particular exam… as well as your weaknesses. By taking practice exams and answering study questions, you can identify areas in which you score poorly, and then target those areas for further study. This allows you to reduce the overwhelming amount of materials that you must study to only those topics which you must perform better on.

Online study guides are an affordable alternative to books. You can always purchase a hard copy of a study guide, but the online version is more affordable and far more convenient in a world where laptops and smartphones are omnipresent. You can place your order online and immediately have your study materials at your fingertips. This ease of access to study materials means that you will study more often, improving your overall performance on your exams.

Online study guides provide an inside look into the exam. The online study guides are a tremendous asset with regard to guiding you on the exam. Going into an exam with no preparation is sure to result in a low score, but having an idea of what the exam will look like will build your confidence in taking the test. This isn’t just a matter of knowing the materials; with good practice exams, you also learn what format the questions take, how one topic moves into another, and what kind of readings to expect, along with the level of language the exam will use.

While some students make mistakes based on their lack of knowledge on the exam’s topics, many students also make mistakes because they do not understand how the exam is structured and what is expected of them on more complex questions. With a practice exam that can guide you through the test’s structure and expectations, you will not be one of those students!

Whether you are a fan of these types of tests or not, the fact remains that colleges will continue to require them. They must be taken, and they must be taken seriously. The truth is that without preparation one will probably not do very well on the exam. For this reason all available tools need to be used in preparing for test day.

Taking and retaking tests becomes very expensive when you are trying to increase your scores, so you need to do all you can to do your best the first time around. In fact, for many tests there is a limit on the number of times they can be taken. Study guides and practice tests are critical to your success the first time around.

While college entrance exams may not be the only tool to identify future success as a student, the time taken to prepare and study shows through. The convenience of online tools makes them the smart choice in preparing for the big test. Besides being able to work at your own pace, having instant knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses will help you to focus and spend time on the areas that you most need to study.

Ultimately, the end result will be a higher overall score, which can provide access to higher-quality educational institutions and programs… which leads to more exams! But don’t worry – there will always be high-quality online study guides, ready to give you that extra boost to academic success.

Monday, 9 December 2013


Having an idea of what will be the paper look like can help in preparing very well that is why hesi reviews are very important. It will help you in clearing the hesi exam and overcoming your fear of the exam. Hesi reviews may help in giving you some tricks which may help you in managing your time properly during the exam. 

Sometimes going through the previous exam papers proves to be very useful as they will be giving a insight about the paper pattern. Even you can read the blogs or forums to have a look over the hesi reviews given by various students who have already given that examination. It is very common tendency of a human being to be well prepared for any sort of examination. The same is the case when we talk about the Hesi exam, and if you are serious enough to crack it you must have a deep knowledge of the courses. Reading about the insights of other students may help you in getting through the examination and also give you a lot of tips on how to prepare for it. Sometimes while reading those hesi reviews can answer many of the rising questions in our minds related to the examination. You can chat with the students who earlier appeared in the examination and their experiences can help you in preparing in a better way, it's like having a mentor at your side which will be guiding you in achieving your goal, which is clearing the hesi exam.

It basically consists of a multiple type questions, it is divided into parts, one part consists of four options amongst which only one is right whereas the second part is consisting of five options which may have more than one right option. Some of questions even have some related parts for solving them, a pop ups come during the hesi testing window having various information related to the client prescriptions, diagnostics and flow sheet. Another part may consists of some open questions in which you have to answer it by making a lot of calculations and then you can answer the numbers in the answer box provided in the hesi exam. 

Even Hesi exams may have questions related to sequencing in which you have to provide the right sequence of the procedure in order to answer the question correctly. Some can be based on picture exams, it may include the audio questions too. 

Education sector is also booming now a day's and students have a lot of competition amongst themselves. There are lot of exams which we have to pass for a better professional career, some of them are CAT, CGFNS, SAT, etc. And every student while preparing for any exam looks towards its like a beast and as if they have to defeat it. The defeat of the beast means the victory of the student as it means passing the exam.

Having an idea of what will be the paper look like can help in preparing very well, that is why hesi reviews are very important. It will help you in clearing the hesi exam and overcoming your fear of the exam. Hesi reviews may help in giving you some tricks which may help you in managing your time properly during the exam. 

So be ready for the exam without any fear and you will be shining like stars in sky in it.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Get Ready to Take Admission in Nursing Colleges

HESI entrance test in conducted for those who wishes to take admission in nursing school in junior year or when half nursing program is completed. HESI test is very advantageous for medicinal career seekers. This is characteristically used as training for the jurisdiction-required nurse licensing exam. Applicants can basically find out their strengths and weaknesses by going through this test procedure. HESI test is assessment of awareness and skills of applicant and is conducted to recognize the areas of strong point and weak point. 

HESI is Health Education Systems, Inc. that conducts harmonized and tailored test for students studying or doing nursing courses. This Exam is completely computerized and is conducted very methodically with all rules and regulations followed, strictly to prevent cheating and fraud. Students prepare for exam using Hesi practice questions, by which they can recognize the possibility and prototype of exam. This helps in understanding if applicants are able to follow the course productively in nursing school and will become a successful nurse in future. Generally nursing entrance edition has three hours for finishing point, but time allotted for completing exam may differ for every test. On the basis of grades and passing HESI test students are considered for admissions. A lot of groundwork is mandatory for HESI test. 

Different types of HESI test are conducted for students keeping in mind different levels for entrance. Anatomy, biology and chemistry are subjects enclosed in this exam along with the tests for Personal behavior, personality and decision making abilities. In the closing stages of nursing school training students can go through HESI exit exam. The other key subjects included in HESI test, are math and sciences, reading comprehensive, vocabulary and grammar. To follow nursing itinerary for a bright medical career, students can learn from Hesi guides to clear this examination. 

HESI exam scores are preferred by most of the nursing schools and On the basis of these scores only students are permitted to get admissions.  For students’ convenience these guides provides to understand the level and type of question asked in such exam, along with  Important concepts, subjects and tips for tests . This exam has been conducted by in generally every nursing school, before making an allowance for students to take admission in nursing colleges. Students must pass these test and exam to become qualified for nursing career options. Type of training that this exam course provides for nursing licensing examination is very useful. 

Effectively passing in Hesi test requires a lot of homework. Subjects such as Personal behavior, personality and decision making ability is also tested in this exam in order to understand if applicant is capable of pursuing a successful future as a nursing professional. For the candidates who want to make career in the nursing field but are not prepared yet for the examination to pursue, Hesi practice questions can be the solution. They have completed a package of study materials and related contents which can be advantageous and beneficial for you prepare for the examination.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hesi Exam: Entrance Test for Nursing Colleges

Those who want to make their professional career in the field of nursing can take Hesi reviews to know all about it. You can get the detailed information regarding it without any charges. For those who are not prepared for the exams yet and want to pursue the examination with the best possible preparations than they can take advantage of website called ‘your best grade’ for the excellent solution. They will get a complete package of study materials and related contents at one stop that is website called your best grades. These study material and the contents are very much advantageous and beneficial for such students to help them in doing preparation of their exams in the most efficient and resourceful way. You will surely get success in passing the exam by doing preparation in the comprehensive way and with focused approach. This course material is finely planned and theoretically designed content for study propose. 

HESI test is conducted by many of the nursing schools for entrance purpose of the students and aspirants in their nursing colleges and pursue career in nursing field. The examination is held in standardized and customized manner always so that each and every eligible student should get fair chance to take admission in the nursing college by passing it. This exam is generally conducted by Health Education Systems, Inc. on timely basis during the year. At the website you will find Hesi Review Study Guide, and Hesi Exam Study Notes, which are very mush useful for this purpose. This exam is conducted at different levels.